Hakeshet Hademocratit works in order to promote Mizrahi culture and artists.


            1.   Mizrahi and Arab in Israeli Arts: The goal of this project is to enhance the presence of Mizrahi art in the Israeli cultural landscape and emphasize the relationship between the culture and the community from which is rises. The project will include an exhibition that is comprised of 10 shows that will take place in 10 different community centers throughout the country. The exhibition will raise discussions the elements of local culture among Jews who come from Arabic and Islam countries and among the Palestinians citizens and artists whose local cultural identity is meaningful to their work. Throughout 2003 we have began making contacts with Arab organizations in order to develop the project.


             2.   The Annual Anthropological Conference: During 2003 Hakeshet Hademocratit initiated a public discussion in order to investigate the level of participation among Palestinian and Mizrahi researches in anthropological researches and the total lack of their representation in anthropological faculties. The initiative began through the Annual Anthropological Conference and caused much repercussion.