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Hakeshet Hademocratit Hamizrahit is an apolitical, non-parliamentary social movement whose goal is to affect the current public agenda in the aim of bringing a change into the Israeli society as a whole and to its institutions. The organization is Mizrahi (Jews from Arab and Muslims Lands and the East) in its goals, universal in its beliefs and open to all those who identify with its values. The movement strives to bring about a meaningful change among the Israeli society and implement values of democracy, human rights, social justice, equality and multi cultures.



Fields of activity


From the day of its establishment Hakeshet Hademocratit Hamizrahit has been active in 4 main fields: land; employment and unemployment; education and activity in the form of coalitions. During 2003 Hakeshet Hademocratit Hamizrahit expanded the scope of its activity and enlarged its number. This was achieved especially through coalition activities also on the international level. A major part of the organization’s work relates to organizing conferences, media expose and performances on central issues.



Annual Activity Report 2006


Main Projects of Hakeshet – 2004-2005


Annual Activity Report 2003






Information about Land Struggles


Advancement of standards for civil equality and just distribution of land use


An assertive group flexes its Mizrachi muscles

by Mazal Moalem


Seeds of Dissent
Arye Dayan



Public Housing


Information about Public Housing


The Law of Public Housing






Information about Education


Israeli Anthropology and American Anthropology: Our “Special Relations”

by Prof. Smadar Lavie


Lilly White Feminism and Academic Apartheid in Israel

by Prof. Smadar Lavie


Complaint of the Israeli Universities, from the Coalition to End Apartheid in Israeli Anthropology


A question of class

by Sara Leibovitz-Dar


Not the Sephardi way

by Yosef Elgazi


The pros and cons of boycotts

by Prof. Smadar Lavie


Our response to the 2005 annual meeting of The Israeli Anthropological Association 

by Prof. Smadar Lavie




History and Culture


Information about Culture


The Keshet Forum


More Arab than the Arabs: Iraqi writers join Israel's literary canon 

by Gabrielle Birkner


Art with an ethnic consciousness

by Dana Gilerman


Israel as a Multicultural Democracy: Challenges and Obstacles

by Yossi Yonah

History of the German radical left

A lecture given in "Midrash Ha-Keshet" by Prof. Theodor Bergmann, University of Stuttgart, 27.2.06  





What is there between the Mizrahi issue and the Palestinian nationalism

by Prof. Yehouda Senhav


The Bond of Silence

by Prof. Yehouda Senhav


Egyptian Jewish Identities 

by Dr. Joel Beinin.


Hitching a ride on the magic carpet 

by Prof. Yehouda Shenhav


Ringworm and Radiation

by Barry Chamish


Israel’s Place in the Middle East: A Pluralist Perspective

by Dr. Moshe (Shiko) Behar


Time to meet the Mizrahim?

by Dr. Shiko Behar


A nation of tribes

The Economist


The truth about Jewish assets In Iraq 

by Prof. Yehouda Shenhav


Jews from Arab countries and the Palestinian right for return

by Prof. Yehouda Shenhav


What do Palestinians and Arab-Jews Have in Common?
Nationalism and Ethnicity Examined Through the Compensation Question

by Prof. Yehouda Shenhav


The vanishing Jews of the Arab world: Baghdad native tells the story of being a Middle East refugee

by Semha Alwaya


US Senate takes up issue of Jews who fled Arab lands
by Melissa Radler


The Synagogue as Civil Society, or How We Can Understand the Shas Party 

 by Omar Kamil


War by other means

by Prof. Yossi Yonna


The Arab-Jews of Behrain

The Washington Times


Mizrahi Wanderings

by Nancy Hawker






Tensions In Israeli Feminism: The Mizrahi-Ashkenazi Rift

by Dr. Henriette Dahan-Kalev


Ahoti has a voice. Let her speak from the podium

by Ahoti


“You're So Pretty – You Don't Look Moroccan” 

by Dr. Henriette Dahan Kalev


Feminism and the Mizrahi woman

by Gal Karniel




Intimate Portraits


A Reviev of Esther Schely-Newman's book, "Our Lives Are but Stories: Narratives of Tunisian-Israeli Women” 

by Dr. Na'ama Sheffi


Reflections of an Arab Jew

by Prof. Ella Sohat




Other Articles


Masking Identity: Sephardim as Ashkenazim

by David Shasa


The Missing Yemenite Children

by Doron A. Tal


Brave New Multicultural World: Interview with Prof. Yossi Yonah

by Vered Levy-Barzilai


Tunisian 'miracle' blends Jews, Muslims

by Annie Warmke