Information about Education


  In regard to the different issues related to education in Israel the organization chose to focus on the following 4:

        1.  Studying Programs: The studying programs that exist in schools today in all of the educational institutions are characterized by European approach and do not relate to oriental (Mizrahi) issues. During 2003 Hakeshet was able to add to the Bagrut history curriculum 2 chapters that relate to Jewish oriental history. This is a significant achievement that is a precedent in Israel’s study programs. The organization will continue to operate in order to make further changes in studying programs and thus make them more balanced and multi cultural.

         2.  High Education: During 2003 Hakeshet was part of a Jewish and Arab Organizational Coalition that fought against bringing back the psychometric exams and against the Mitzraf system (Psychometric Supreme Court Ruling). On Tuesday, February 9th the Court dismissed the coalition’s claim on the issue of lack of authority.

      3. Activities against Ministry of Education Policy: The aim of Hakeshet Hademocratit is to operate in different ways in order to fight against the educational cutbacks and privatization that among other things passes the responsibility more to the parents and external institutions. Hkeshet sees itself dedicated to support and assist in local struggles in the field of education. During 2003 the Keshet cooperated with parents from Hess School in their struggle against closing the school (a struggle that failed); With parents from Rogozin school against shutting down their school and more.

     4. Vocational Studying: Vocational education is a trap that does not enable its graduates to break the cycle of poverty and distress they come from. Only 12% from the vocational and technological students study in the university. 70% are unqualified to register. During 2003 Hakeshet Hademocratit continued in leading a coalition for education equality. This struggle has two main goals: first, total cancellation of the vocational study tracks that lead to poverty (hairdressing and tinsmith work). Second, adding the option of attending a full Bagrut track in the vocational schools. On March 9th 2003 we held a conference on the issue of “Canceling the Vocational Schools as a Means to Increase Educational Equality in Israel”.