The historical foundations that determined the formulae of the dialogue and made possible the creation of the gaps in Israeli society stemmed from cultural distances which the founding fathers tried to subdue by enforcing a "melting pot". This "melting pot", which was bedecked with "Israeli" fineries operated under a clear tendency of preferring Westernism over Arabism.

This preference created a series of discriminating phrases that influenced the distribution of resources, the definition of center and fringe, the sense of belonging, cultural identity, determining what was representative or qualitative and the ethnic attitude towards that which was defined as different.



The Hakeshet Forum will deal with the gaps in the Israeli society and with the efforts to change the conditions of public dialogue.

Within the framework of Hakeshet Forum it is proposed to hold a series of meetings on different social, political, cultural and economic issues, that concern Israeli society. The character of these meetings will be unique and conducted through discussion and critical readings of selected texts.

The project's aim is to enable the members and activists of Hakeshet, other NGO's activists and the public at large to meet on a regular basis for in depth discussions on issues that occupy us in our everyday life and on all levels (personal, social, organizational, national etc.).

The Keshet Forum will serve as a platform for every participant wishing to bring up for critical discussion any topic which may be of interest to the participants.

Hakeshet Forum serves as a meeting of a social character and not just intellectual. Thus it will enable a deeper acquaintance among the participants and encourage social ties between them.

The Hakeshet Forum will make feasible a place for expanding knowledge, creating a new dialogue and for direct meetings between the active members from around the country.

The lecturers are experts in their fields and are Hakeshet members, guests and activists for social change.