The Truth About Jewish Assets In Iraq / Yehouda Shenhav

"Jewish assets in Iraq were ex-propriated twice, once by Iraq and then by Israel"

Between 1948 and 1951, Israel faced two analogous demands. First, it was implored to compensate Palestinians who had become refugees as a result of the War of Independence, and whose property had been nationalised by the General Trusteeship of the State of Israel. Second, Iraqi Jews and their representatives in the Israeli government – Minister of Police Bachor Shitreet was the most prominent – were pressed for compensation for the assets they had left behind in Iraq.

My study aimed to show how Israel established a connection between these two demands, and then freed itself from both of them. Ultimately, Israel justified its refusal to compensate the Palestinians on the grounds that the Iraqi Jews had also suffered deprivations, and urged the Iraqi Jews to demand restitution from Iraq.

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